Town of Brighton

Ramsey Boehner
Town Planner

Mike Guyon
Commissioner of Public Works

Paul White
Planning Technician
585-784- 5227


Task Force Members

Frank Sciremammano, Jr., Chair

Martha L. Blair 

Rachel Clar

Mohamed M. Razak

Dick Rosenbloom (Active through July 2017)

Mark Kokanovich

David Fader

Rochelle Bell (Active through December 2015)

John Schiess

Christine Corrado

Evinn Ryen




 Barton & Loguidice integrates a diverse group of certified planners, licensed engineers, landscape architects, architectural designers and environmental scientists. B&L's approach to municipal comprehensive planning is based on the deepest possible understanding of local resources and a vision of community growth derived from a continuous flow of public engagement. B&L is the prime consultant on this project.


Vita Nuova LLC is a national consulting firm focused on the sustainable revitalization of communities. Vita Nuova has helped develop sustainability plans around the country including complete streets, green infrastructure, renewable energy, and resiliency. Vita Nuova's Economic and Community Development services provide a holistic approach to community revitalization. Vita Nova will focus on Market/Demographics and Sustainability.


The Steinmetz Planning Group is dedicated to created great places to live, work, and play. The firm provides a full array of planning services including comprehensive planning, streetscapes and traffic calming, main street revitalization, and public participation. Steinmetz will focus on Zoning and Land Use.


Highland Planning specializes in community development, with an emphasis on public outreach, urban revitalization, and grant writing. The firm tailors unique public participation plans for each specific project and strives to ensure the public outreach process, as well as the overall planning, design or construction process, is transparent to the public at all times. Highland Planning will lead the Public Outreach and Relations.